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Pest Control Services



  • Catch-Pole

  • Lure Cage

  • PCP Air Rifle


  • Weekdays

  • Weekends

  • 24-Hour Emergency

Do you have an Iguana Problem?  Typical issues include:

  • Burrowing under utilities

  • Destruction of foliage

  • Destruction of trees

  • Displacement of other animals

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Hiding under roof tiles

  • Hiding in trees

  • Large nests

  • Underground tunnels

  • Collapsed tunnels

  • Widespread odors

  • Excrement and other fluids

  • Blocking roadways

  • Roadkill

Licensed, Insured and Registered with Florida Wildlife Commission

Urban Hunting Experiences

Beaches, nightlife and exquisite cuisine are some of the things South Florida is famous for.  But you'd never know that hidden within the network of canals and lakes lies one of the most unique and thrilling adventures you have yet to discover.  Find out why a urban hunting experience is the summer adventure you have been waiting for.

Why We Hunt

Commonly mistaken for a misplaced urge of iguana bloodlust, the reason for iguana population culling ties into Florida's at-large flora and fauna ecosystem, as well as the manmade water management infrastructure that is crucial for South Florida's canal, lakes and levees. This public service benefits both human and animal residents.

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