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Green Light

The Industry Standard

It is common to read the news and find articles of Iguana hunters that overstepped their boundaries and entered private property, set off code red alarms at schools or caused unnecessary pain and torture to Iguanas.  We strive to avoid  accidents, mishaps, misunderstandings, property damage or animal cruelty.

Together with our industry peers, we have devised a self-imposed

policy plan to ensure we self-moderate as trappers and hunters.



Above all, paramount to all is Safety.  Ensuring that all occupants of our crafts, and all people around our vicinity are safe and out of harm's way.


The preferred capture method is always CATCH POLE.  Proper catch pole deployment, followed by humanely administered euthanasia.  In many cases, Iguanas will not be accessible by catch pole and air rifles will be used.


To ensure that no property is damaged, destroyed or defaced in any way, shape or form.  We will not use privately owned walls as backstops.


We will never enter private property, unless:

a) The reptile is within arm's reach.

b) An injured reptile has crossed inside the property line.


All animals we encounter will be treated humanely and in accordance with anti-cruelty laws.  We will never intentionally treat animals in a harmful way.


Any animal that is targeted by us will be taken by us.  We will expend 100% effort to ensure all animals are removed from the hunt area and disposed of properly and in accordance with FWC guidelines.

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