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Land Based Iguana Hunt

Careful target selection, behavior analysis and a chance to perfect your shot placement.

  • 4 hours 30 minutes
  • 650 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

The land based iguana hunt is an experience that allows hunters to "put it all together" in the field as we endeavor the search for iguana infested areas, analyze the landscape and discuss possible methods for capturing, neutralizing and retrieving the iguanas. A nuanced approach to the hunt will teach hunters the finer details of the hunt including shot placement, how to approach iguanas, reading iguana behavior, analyzing the landscape around iguanas and discussing how they utilize it to their advantage. We will also discuss opportunity selection and decision making which will be crucial in determining which iguanas to take and which iguanas to pass on. - The hunt starts at our facility and we travel in car to multiple areas with possible infestation problems. - We will have a  20-30 minute safety meeting before the start of the tour to ensure we are all on the same page. - For this tour we will use Edgun Leishy REPR 2 PCP Air Rifles: --Edgun Leishy REPR 2 Hornet with Steiner Red Dot sighted at 15 yards. --Edgun Leishy REPR 2 Python Cowboy with Element Nexus sighted at 35 yards. --Edgun Leishy REPR 2 Python Cowboy with ATN X-Sight 4K sighted at 35 yards. --Optional: Edgun Leishy REPR 2 Custom with March 8-80 sighted at 55 yards. (Inquire for fees) - Air supply will be on board and we will be refilling the rifles to 300 bar throughout the tour to ensure accurate shots. - All iguanas neutralized will be taken with us on board the craft.  We keep a large cooler with ice. - You are free to take the iguanas with you, if you'd like to cook them. - No live iguanas will be allowed to be taken, nor released back into the wild, as this is illegal and violates State Law and FWC guidelines.

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