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Hunting Tours


The current South Florida Iguana infestation provides the perfect environment for a unique experience as we navigate the myriad of canals in Miami-Dade and Broward County to help cull the Iguana population which is causing widespread destruction to our delicate ecosystem. 


Following Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) guidelines, our operators guide you through the process of finding, targeting, immobilizing and capturing invasive iguanas.  We also endeavor the disposal, to ensure no dead or injured animals are left behind.


Our tours are tailored by experience level and can accommodate all types of shooters.  If you have only been shooting at the firing range, while sitting down, with no wind and no distractions, you will find that our hunting tours are amazing experiences that allow shooters to "put it all together" in the field.  Things like cross winds, distance, backstop, position, boat movement, sun glare, and others can make even the most experienced bench shooters miss shots.  

We also carry a catch pole, to capture the iguanas live, without firing a shot.  The experience of hunting in an urban environment can be exhilarating and memorable.  Even though the action can be exhilarating, it is helpful to remember that we are performing a public service for the greater good.


Currently we offer two types of tours.


The land-based tour is a slower-paced event which allows traditional shooters to take their time as we find a proper place with iguana infestation problem, stalk the iguanas, calculate shot placement, yardage, windage and take a more in-depth approach at discussing iguana behavior, escape patterns and overall hunting technique.

Our boat based tour is a fast-paced, exciting adventure that takes iguanas by surprise as we show up within feet of their nests unannounced.  This surprise factor is paired with quick decision-making and highly calculated boat maneuvering to ensure safe, proper shot placement or catch-pole deployment.




  • Iguanas are lazy, they wake up late and don't come out to sunbathe until 10-11 AM.

  • We will have a  20 minute safety meeting before the start of the tour to ensure we are all on the same page.

  • Tours usually start between 10AM-12PM and run for 4 hours in total.

  • We use Edgun Leishy REPR 2 PCP Air Rifles.  They are sighted-in before the hunt.

  • Our air supply is on board and we refilling the rifles to 300 bar throughout the tour to ensure accurate shots.

  • All iguanas neutralized will be taken with us on board the craft.  We keep a large cooler with ice.

  • You are free to take the iguanas with you, if you'd like to cook them.

  • No live iguanas will be allowed to be taken, nor released back into the wild, as this is illegal and violates State Law and FWC guidelines.

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